Saturday, December 27, 2014

Give More... Wear Less for a Yuletide Cheer: GBGB Adonis G-String

Christmas may be over but December has a few more days in. Still, it's a great time to give more and "wear less". We're talking about underwear of course! Since we're all layered up with the cold season, you can still be sexy underneath and the GBGB Adonis G-String will give you just that! Click here to order the GBGB Adonis G-String underwear via AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear G-String Underwear White Front GBGB Wear G-String Underwear White Back

Made from microfiber fabric and built with a seamed pouch area, you'll get comfortable support underneath without feeling all snugged up tight. What makes the GBGB Adonis G-String more sexy is its fine details that has metal rings attached to the pouch and it falls below the natural waistline.

GBGB Wear is EVERYWHERE! Avail the GBGB Adonis G-String via AMAZON.COM today!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

GBGB Jock Brief with a Leather Feel to It

How often do you come across a hot piece of underwear with a leather look to it? We all know that there are a lot of folks with a fetish for leather and GBGB Wear will not disappoint on this hot item on today's feature. Presenting the GBGB Hugo Jock Brief... it's a jockstrap you can wear all day, everyday! Get the GBGB Hugo Jock Brief Underwear here...

GBGB Wear Hugo Jock Brief Underwear Cool4Guys GBGB Wear Hugo Jock Brief Underwear Back Cool4Guys

The GBGB Hugo Jock Brief Underwear may look a bit like leather but it is comfortable enough to be your daily underwear alternative. It is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane with a clean white line detail.

GBGB Wear is Everywhere! Avail the GBGB Hugo Jock Brief at FREE SHIPPING HERE!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tie Up a Nice Package this Holiday Season with the GBGB "Josh" Bikini

We're close to Christmas and ribbons on gifts are already tied up. GBGB Wear not only allows you to tie up ribbons with the GBGB Josh Bikini underwear! Here's a unique way to untie that surprise you can give on every cold night this season! Order the GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear here...

GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear Brown Detail GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear Brown Detail

Available in warm tones such as Brown and Red, the GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear is comfortable enough to wear all day, even up to the time where you have to untie your big surprise! Made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane.

GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear Red Detail GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear Red Back

Get the GBGB Wear "Josh" Bikini Underwear from the GBGB Wear Online Store!
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Monday, November 17, 2014

GBGB Wear Model Spotlight: Christian Power

GBGB Wear Men's Underwear knows the best style of underwear for your taste and who better model them to motivate you than the hottest stars in the international scene! Today, we give you a muscle power house that somewhat resembles a Greek god. Feel the sexiness and power of GBGB Wear model, Christian Power! More sizzling hot photos of Christian Power here...

GBGB Wear Christian Power Armpits Muscle Men GBGB Wear Christian Power Marko Lebeau Mens Underwear

Christian Power is one heck of a colossus. He stands 6' in height and weighs 265 lbs. This hunky bodybuilder is matched by an irresistible charm, making him a desirable "gentle-giant" that everyone wants to have. Even with his friendly nature, this isn't a guy you would want to rub the wrong way. Christian Power knows how to take over and submit... and he shows it well having decided to take the plunge to do gay porn.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief

A simple way to unleash your naughty side is when you pull down your pants and give out a nice tease with the underwear you are wearing. The GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief is all about that; because suspense are best kept as a surprise. Click here to get the GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief via AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief Sample Mens Underwear GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief
GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief (Available at

Aside from its voyeuristic feature, the mesh material of the GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief has a sporty feel to it, with a nice contour pouch that supports any "package" size. It also has a sexier fit than your regular underwear as it has a low-rise measure that falls well below the waistline.

The GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief is AVAILABLE NOW at AMAZON.COM!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

GBGB Wear Officially Launches in Manila, Philippines!

With the name well-known in the international underwear, swimwear and clothing scene, Good Boys Gone Bad (GBGB) Wear touches down to the island of the Philippines. It's definitely about time to give the good boys of Asia a sexy awakening! In line with the launch of GBGB Wear, they have tied up with the country's leading night scene for boys, girls and gays alike: Bed Club Manila! Read full article here...

Bed Club Manila's ZomBEDings Halloween Ball (last Oct. 31, 2014) 

What better way to fit in with the festivities than tying up with their Halloween Ball. Everyone all dressed up and dressed down in their fierce ways to party the night away! It was a packed party full of spook-tacular highlights.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Your Sexy with a Boxer Brief Undie

An addition to the line up of underwear styles is the boxer cut briefs or simple boxer briefs. So you have your hipster briefs, thongs, jockstraps... the boxer briefs is probably for the conservative. However, does this type of underwear let your sexy fade? Read full article here...

GBGB Wear Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear Blog

Studying how a boxer brief fits an individual, it is more like a shrunken shorts so that you don't have too much leg exposure. If you want to be sexy, can you still be that of a sexy person when you wear small tight shorts or short structured briefs?

Friday, October 10, 2014

CommanDO or CommanDON'T: Basic Disadvantages of Not Wearing Underwear

There's always a right time to dangle your goods freely, and I am a firm practitioner of such every now and then. But to go "commando" or not wearing underwear has its downside too. Just to be clear, we ain't making this blog entry just because we are an underwear brand. We also support the health of our fellow hung men who find it easier to not wear undies than wearing one. Read full article...

GBGB Wear Blog Disadvantage of not wearing underwear

There have been studies, believe it or not, regarding the disadvantages of not wearing underwear. If you are a guy like me, obviously, you wouldn't need science to know when going commando is doing you wrong. We've learned a few facts and basics that will somehow enlighten you, not really to stop you from not wearing underwear.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants

Everyone needs that certain type of pants that lets you lounge and "dangle" your goods comfortably. We won't take it against you... in fact, we're giving it to you! The GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants is a cool and comfortable lounge wear with a sheer material for that slight "show". Just imagine when it gets wet... just saying and giving you ideas! ;) Click here to order your GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants via AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear Sheer Loung Pants White GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Sheer Loung Pants White
GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants in White (Available in AMAZON.COM)

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants (White)
Product Information: 
- Form-fitting poly stretch fabric
- Center seamed pouch
- Smooth exposed waistband with center logo patch
- Low rise, falls below the natural waistline
Available Color: White and Black

The GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants is Available Now at AMAZON.COM!
Time for you to wear what he's wearing... ORDER NOW!

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap

Sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts looking for a uniquely structured jockstrap go crazy in this GBGB Wear number: the GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap. You may have this wild fetish about jockstraps... better get this one in your collection now! Click here to order the GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap on AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap Mens Underwear
Alexander is wearing the GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap (available at

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap
Product Information:
- Durable synthetic rubber construction
- Sporty contrast trim
- Belted waist with front zipper
- Low rise, falls below the natural waistline
Available Color: Royal Blue

The GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap is Available at AMAZON.COM!
Get to wear what he's wearing and Order NOW! :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

GBGB Wear Model Spotlight: Marko Lebeau

GBGB Wear Men's Underwear has been known to deliver the best sexy underwear from intimates to active wear for men worldwide and continues to serve millions all over the world! With a prestigious profile in the underwear industry, of course, GBGB Wear needs to be represented well, and who better to do it than our international stars! Today we put the spotlight on one of GBGB Wear Men's Underwear famous models, Marko LeBeau. More revealing photos of Marko LeBeau here...

Marko Lebeau GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Marko Lebeau GBGB Wear

Marko Lebeau is perhaps one of the most charming versatile bisexuals in the porn industry today. From straight to gay porn, he perfectly represents the essence of a Good Boy Gone Bad (GBGB) model. He stands 5'6" with brown hair and stunning blue eyes that is sure hard to miss.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Of Men and Mesh: How Much Exposure is "Too Much"

All men have that feminine side deep within them that doesn't necessarily show physically. Most of these traits can be seen on their taste, perhaps, more appropriately for this blog... their taste in underwear. Today we share our views on Men who love Mesh. Nothing wrong with it actually... Men and Mesh are a great combination, like a match made in heaven. What is it about mesh underwear that makes it interesting and how much exposure is "too much"? Read full article here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Ivan Lenko Luke Net Thong
Pornstar Ivan Lenko wears the GBGB Wear Luke Net Thong Underwear (Available on
Imagine muscle boys you see in the gym doing hardcore workout with their groans and moans while power lifting. Often you dream about seeing them naked, and perhaps seeing them in the locker room wearing a mesh or see-through underwear is the next best thing. Read on as we discuss the beauty of the mesh underwear.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cockrings or Cock Straps: Who Should Really Wear Them?

You may have seen cock rings or cockstraps in porn videos and other porn materials as worn by these hung, hairy and muscular men while doing their "thing" with their partners. Come to think of it, majority of the people wearing cockrings or cock straps are these types of men. So it just made us wonder whether it has got you thinking as well... who should really wear them? Read more here...

GBGB Wear Blog Cock Straps

Figuring out who should wear these sex toy accessories is as easy as separating apples from oranges. Once you know the purpose of wearing cock rings or cockstraps, you'll immediately get your answer. Simple as that. Today we let you in on the whole idea of wearing cock straps or cockrings and it might even drive you to get one for yourself.

Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Important "S" that Should Be Present in Your Jockstrap

Jockstraps have been in the market for quite a long time already and let me tell you, jockstraps are here to stay. With the ongoing change in trends and tastes for style, jockstraps have become a steady go-to-underwear for men and even young boys who live an active lifestyle. But of course, jockstraps aren't only for athletics... they can be your best friend for teasing others as well. Read full article here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Jockstraps

With the number of brands out in the market today, jockstraps have had its fair share of evolution when it comes to color, design and structure. However, not all of these innovated versions of the jockstraps meet customer satisfaction and approval. So what does a good quality jockstrap need to have? Check out the 3 Important "S" that should be present in your jockstraps.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ivan Lenko Man Up in GBGB Wear Jock BALZ Jockstrap

Are you man enough to wear the GBGB Wear Jock BALZ Jockstrap? Of course you are! And we also have Ivan Lenko joining the bandwagon of hotties who can rock this one of a kind jockstrap underwear from GBGB Wear! We just love this stud and we also love to play around jockstrap structures. Click here for more of the GBGB Wear Jock BALZ Jockstrap...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Jock Balzy Ivan Lenko

A new era of Jockstrap made only by GBGB Wear Men's underwear, with maximum style and comfort for your active lifestyle. Expect to be on TOP of your game with our collection of jockstraps made with imported materials.

The GBGB Wear Jock BALZ Jockstrap is available in sizes: S-M-L-XL

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Camou and You: A GBGB Wear Men's Underwear Fashion Feature

Any season has its own key piece that never goes out of style. From last year up to this year... or should we just say, for the longest time, the bold statement of a camouflage print never runs out of style. Because GBGB Wear never lets you in on a worst underwear list (if there is any), we have manipulated the camouflage print in different underwear designs that will suit your taste at any season. See the GBGB Wear camouflage underwear, swimwear and jockstraps here...

GBGB Wear Men's Underwear Camouflage prints

"Timeless" perhaps is the best term to use for the camouflage print. Checking out online resources about this print, it goes well with almost anything and you'll never be out of style with it. Is it enough to say that camouflage is the new black? Well, it might be to drastic to say but let us enjoy the variety of camouflage pieces that we have at the moment, shall we?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Eye-catching "GUARD" Swim Bikini Trunks from GBGB Wear!

More reasons to hit the beach and attend those hyped up swimming parties! Today we have our best selling swim trunks that gets the beach goers' heads turning. The GBGB Wear "GUARD" Swim Bikini is a perfect cut for your swimwear needs and it has its own fun and sexy design. It comes in 3 colors and made from high quality materials! See the full details of the GBGB Wear GUARD Swim Bikini...

GBGB Wear GUARD Swim Bikini Purple GBGB Wear GUARD Swim Bikini Red

GBGB Wear GUARD Swim Bikini Black GBGB Wear GUARD Swim Bikini

No need to be a real lifeguard to be able to get one of these swim wear gems from GBGB Wear. We've got stocks to fill you in on your orders as we know that you need to be the center of attraction at the beach or at the pool. Get one now... or better yet, collect them all!

The GBGB Wear GUARD Swim Bikini is available at the GBGB Wear Official Website.
Order Now! We SHIP to Anywhere in the World!

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Labor Day Weekend Feature: GBGB Wear Animal Bikini Swim Trunks

To our party animals in the United States, Happy Labor Day weekend! As we have customers from the US and all over the world, we'll let you feel the relaxed and exciting holiday wherever you may be with the GBGB Wear Animal Bikini Swim trunks! See the full details of the GBGB Wear Animal Bikini Swim trunks here...

GBGB Wear Animal Bikini Swim Swimwear GBGB Wear Animal Bikini Swim Swimwear

For our beautiful customers who love being wild at the beach or at the pool, better gear up with the GBGB Wear Animal Bikini Swim trunks! Made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, designed with a printed fabric that brings out your wild side.

Get one now and grab everyone's attention at the beach by the balls! ;)
We Deliver ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

Visit the GBGB Wear Official Website to ORDER!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seeing Thru Those Sexy Boxers: GBGB Wear "Marius" Demi Boxer

Imagine the support of a boxer cut brief but with a little poke of "naughty". Presenting the GBGB Wear "Marius" Demi Boxer that gives the man the right kind of support while giving that sense of freedom on your crotch area. See the full details of the GBGB Wear Marius Demi Boxer...

GBGB Wear Marius Demi Boxers

Uniquely designed like any GBGB Wear underwear, the GBGB Wear Marius Demi Boxer takes on a new style of the boxer cut underwear that has a see-thru pouch. Made from 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra.

Boxer Cut Weekend: GBGB Wear "Camaro" Boxer Brief

GBGB Wear knows how to take a simple boxer cut brief into something stylish and good enough to be worn alone... without anything else! We just love our men as confident as they are. The GBGB Wear "Camaro" Boxer Brief may look like your typical boxer cut brief but what makes it unique is its front stripe design. Which color do you fancy? See the full details of the GBGB Wear Camaro Boxer Brief here...


Other wise called as "muscle underwear", the GBGB Wear Camaro boxer brief is sporty and sexy at the same time. Made from  imported materials and styled uniquely by GBGB Wear.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Precious in Silver Christian Power Wears the GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini

Nothing pleases our eyes more than seeing hunks wear tiny piece of clothing "down there" and the bikini cut never fails to give us what we crave for. In line of our love for the bikini cut, we have powerhouse pornstar Christian Power in the provocative GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini in silver. See the full details of the GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini here...

GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini Christian Power

GBGB Wear releases the GBGB Helmut Bikini that will surely make our muscle boys and confident men more sexy as they strip down. Available in silver and in gold, the GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini is on a limited stock so better get one now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Buckle It In & Buckle It Off: GBGB Wear "Jeff" Bikini

This underwear style shows your provocative style in a very interesting way. Aside from the fact that you can take it on and off like a regular underwear, the lock and buckles on the side also adds to a titillating experience. See the full details of the GBGB Wear "Jeff" Bikini here...

GBGB Wear Jeff Bikini Olive

The GBGB Wear "Jeff" Bikini is made from quality materials that exudes durability, comfort and style. NOW IN STOCK and is available in Black, Olive, Red, White and Camouflage designs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be the Eye-Candy of the Workout Floor with the GBGB Wear "Julian" Shorts

GBGB Wear isn't just about underwear... we also have items that will help you become an eye-catcher in the gym! For guys with active lifestyle, here's something to add to your workout wear. And you might just take home a hottie by simply wearing a pair! See the full details of the GBGB Wear Julian Shorts here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Julian Shorts Athletics

GBGB Wear "Julian" Shorts is of the right length and made from shiny colorful fabric with a nice contrasted color pipping. You're no plain hottie so we carefully matched the right colors that will make you the candy of the gym floor in a snap! Made from 100% Polyester and is available in Orange, Red, Blue and Yellow.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

GBGB Wear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap

It's a new month! Time to refresh your closets with some new underwear! Jockstrap Check! When was the last time you bought a new jockstrap that you can wear to the gym? Perhaps it's about time for a good change... Yes? See the full details of the GBGB Wear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap

The GBGB Wear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap underwear is the perfect gear for you! It's a dual-purpose jockstrap that supports your groin and helps trim down your tummy while you sweat it out at the gym.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Take on Jockstrap: GBGB Wear Alain Jockstrap

We just love playing with jockstrap designs... you should have noticed it by now. I mean, don't you want to get your fellas' attention when all of you are in the locker room? You'll thank us for it! Especially on today's featured jockstrap! See the full details of the GBGB Wear Alain Jockstrap here...

GBGB Wear Jock Alain

The GBGB Wear Alain Jockstrap is just the right amount of volume for the rough and rowdy, with some tie-up-front detail and the usual back exposure. Get your game on in the gym floor and even in the changing room with this hot item! Available in 7 colors!

Pool or Beach Eyecandy in an Instant with the GBGB Wear Fidel Swim Bikini

Be the attraction of the pool party or simply by just walking at the beach! GBGB Wear brings you an exciting cut on swimwear that will have all genders drooling for more! As worn by the irresistibly hot pornstar Marko Lebeau; get that piece he's wearing and work it! See full details of the GBGB Wear Fidel Swim Bikini here...

GBGB Wear Fidel Swim Bikini Hairy Marko Lebeau

The GBGB Wear Fidel Swim Bikini gives the perfect snug and fit, plus the right amount of skin to show so that you can flaunt your assets at any season. With modern details and design, this swim bikini is made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

Never Be an Underwear Miss With the GBGB Wear Sling Shot Thong

How unexpected do naughty affairs come? VERY MUCH! Best thing is that you're always geared up for the occasion. On that note, GBGB Wear features the perfect product to get you stripped out of. See full details of the GBGB Wear Sling Shot Thong here...

GBGB Wear Sling Shot Thong Red

The GBGB Wear Sling Shot Thong provides the right feel of freedom inside your pants, and the spot-on coverage when taken off. If you like to fool around in underwear, you better have this in your collection!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

GBGB Wear "MAXWELL" Thong as worn by Pornstar Ivan Lenko

Will you fake a bulge or just ready to give a titillating reveal? Presenting a new product from GBGB Wear that puts your level of sexy, kink and tease to a whole new level! And what makes it more exciting is that Pornstar, Ivan Lenko, models the product for us! See full detail of the GBGB Wear MAXWELL Thong here...

GBGB Wear Maxwell Thong Ivan Lenko

This quality thong is made for the confident and provocative. Giving comfortable coverage on your crotch area, leaving a nice bulge mark up front making it look like you're of full commando! The GBGB Wear Maxwell Thong is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra... that's sexy and comfort in one amazing underwear.

Swim in Leather with the GBGB Wear Marco (PLeather) Swim Bikini

Leather Swimwear? Possible? IT SURE IS! Presenting a bikini cut swimwear with a leather look that you can easily get into and get out of in just a "snap!" What sets this swimwear cut apart from other sexy swimwear in the market? See the full detail of the GBGB Wear Marco (PLeather) Swim Bikini here...

GBGB Wear Marco Swim Bikini Model

The GBGB Wear Marco (PLeather) Swim bikini is made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane giving that leather finish that surely will turn heads when you wear on the beach or on a pool party. What's special about this bikini cut swimwear is its snap on the side that allows you to easily take it off... good for show huh? 

Chill & Lounge with the GBGB Wear "Vince" Mesh Brief

Lounging home alone doesn't require you to wear any clothes. In fact, you have the liberty to walk around in your underwear. However, incase some naughty perv catches you, make sure he sees you in hot but comfy briefs! See full underwear details of the GBGB Wear "Vince" Mesh Brief here...

GBGB Wear Vince Mesh Brief

The GBGB Wear "Vince" Mesh brief is your perfect gear for chilling around at home in underwear. Be bold and have the freedom to do your regular home routines wearing only this... and you'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MR. GBGB (Philippines): Albert Gonzales

The recently concluded pageant of the hottest boys in the metro (Philippines), Mr. Indulgent 2014, may have already named their grand winner. But out of the 15 contestants who showcased real potential and sexiness, one man was awarded to receive the special title of "Mr. GBGB". Get to know Mr. Indulgent 2014 contestant, Albert Gonzales and what made the judges pick him to take home the title of Mr. GBGB. More hot photos of Mr. GBGB Albert Gonzales here...

Mr. GBGB Albert Gonzales Mr. Indulgent GBGB Wear Mens Underwear

We've got an inside scoop with this Asian muscle stud and he sure has that good and naughty combination that we are looking for in a GBGB man. Albert Gonzales stands 5'10" and lives an active lifestyle with sports like boxing, kick boxing and taekwondo. Who wouldn't want to get taken down by this Asian sensation! He surely wins this spot on our Wednesday SensASIAN today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GBGB Wear Rolf Jock Briefs featuring Pornstar Ivan Lenko

The GBGB Wear Alexis Jock Briefs come with a Surprise treat! It may look like your typical underwear upfront... but when you turn your back, it shows off your beautiful buns! A good way for some tamed teasing right? Full details of GBGB Wear Alexis Jock Briefs featuring Pornstar Ivan Lenko here...

GBGB Wear Alexis Jock Briefs Ivan Lenko

GBGB Wear Underwear features pornstar and model Ivan Lenko showing us his physique as the Alexis Jock Briefs give a good snug and fit, not setting aside comfort, so he can easily unleash his naughty side at any time of the day!

GBGB Wear Voyeur & Provocative Underwear: "Josh" Bikini Underwear

Sexy and Provocative... for the man who can easily bare it ALL! GBGB Wear presents a very exciting underwear that will get your focus glued to what's "DOWN THERE." Full details of the GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Underwear here...

GBGB Wear Josh Bikini Mens Underwear Model

The Josh Bikini Underwear from GBGB Wear is a cut of perfection that shows some "extra skin" on the front through a lace-up structure. Comfort and without sacrificing your personal sense of sexy; made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane.

Midweek Peek-a-Boo Feature: GBGB Wear "Mike" Trunk

What's so special about the GBGB Wear Mike Trunk Underwear? When you look at it, it's just like any boxer brief that comes in different colors. Again, GBGB Wear turns it up a notch of SEXY... the surprise is at the back! Full details of the GBGB Wear Mike Trunk underwear...

GBGB Wear Mike Trunk Mens underwear

CERTIFIED HOT! The GBGB Wear Mike Trunk Underwear is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra giving you that right shape and extra peek-a-boo when you need it most.

Mr. Indulgent 2014 (Philippines) Makes the Night Sizzle Crowning the Grand Winner!

In celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of the LoveYourself Organization in the Philippines, the 2014 Mr. Indulgent recently concluded and named its Grand Winner. Before the great reveal, we let you in on what happened during this exciting and most awaited night! See the highlights of the event here...

Mr. Indulgent 2014 GBGB Wear Mens Underwear

Vizio Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City Philippines felt the heat of summer despite the downpour of rain that night. But nothing can stop the scorching men from different parts of the metro from battling it out to get the title of Mr. Indulgent 2014. The event was in partnership with GBGB Wear and have provided the contestants' underwear during the ramp/fashion show segment. Boy, these Good guys surely rocked it Bad (in a really good way) on stage!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mister Indulgent 2014 (Philippines) for GBGB Wear!

We may have skipped on some features for our Wednesday SensASIAN segment but we're always on the hunt for good Asian treats for you. Today on our blog, we feature the hottest boys of the metro in the Philippines, battling for the title of "MISTER INDULGENT 2014". These pumped up and sizzling men show what they got while wearing GBGB Wear Mens Underwear, and you can help them win special awards by simply Voting For Their Photo! Who do you think deserves the title? Check out the inviting and indulging candidates here...

Mister Indulgent 2014

Wherever country you are from, you can show support to this very exciting and titillating event through Online Voting! Click the link below to see all the candidates and to know how to vote for your chosen candidate!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pornstar Christian Power Models GBGB Wear Cock Straps

Cockstraps make a good accessory as armbands before wearing them down below and GBGB Wear has a collection of cockstraps varying in color and suitable as a follow up gift to the recently concluded Father's day. Any day can be Father's day, right? So it's never too late to give your hot daddies one! Modeling the GBGB Wear cock strap is the powerful pornstar hunk, Christian Power. And we bet you want to see his UNCENSORED PHOTO...

Christian Power Nude GBGB Wear Cock Strap

Cock straps or cock rings are helpful accessories that boost your manhood and even help keep that power stick up for teasing and while at play. GBGB Wear presents to you cockstraps that you can use during parties or wild night outs! And who better to model these straps better than the muscle daddy god, Christian power! Check out his shoot wearing the GBGB Wear cockstraps by clicking the link below. We also have the underwear he's wearing if you fancy that too! Oh, and we'll never get tired of saying that GBGB Wear Mens Underwear SHIPS WORLDWIDE!