Monday, June 16, 2014

Pornstar Christian Power Models GBGB Wear Cock Straps

Cockstraps make a good accessory as armbands before wearing them down below and GBGB Wear has a collection of cockstraps varying in color and suitable as a follow up gift to the recently concluded Father's day. Any day can be Father's day, right? So it's never too late to give your hot daddies one! Modeling the GBGB Wear cock strap is the powerful pornstar hunk, Christian Power. And we bet you want to see his UNCENSORED PHOTO...

Christian Power Nude GBGB Wear Cock Strap

Cock straps or cock rings are helpful accessories that boost your manhood and even help keep that power stick up for teasing and while at play. GBGB Wear presents to you cockstraps that you can use during parties or wild night outs! And who better to model these straps better than the muscle daddy god, Christian power! Check out his shoot wearing the GBGB Wear cockstraps by clicking the link below. We also have the underwear he's wearing if you fancy that too! Oh, and we'll never get tired of saying that GBGB Wear Mens Underwear SHIPS WORLDWIDE!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Go Loco With Today's GBGB Wear Sizzling Modelo Mexicano!

Say Ola to our hot model showcasing GBGB Wear's latest collections that are available on our GBGB Wear Website! The fit is just perfect for this sexy chico who strikes inviting poses that will make you want the exact piece he's wearing. Enjoy GBGB Wear mens underwear new collections available for ordering and shipping ANYWHERE! Want to see more of our Mexican model? Check out his full photos set here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Thongs Jockstraps Gay

Colorful, sexy and comfortable for everyday wear. Never get caught in your old and boring underwear. When you get stripped in unexpected occasions, GBGB Wear mens underwear will sure unleash that naughty, wild and hot bad boy in you! Check out our latest collections on our official GBGB Wear Website. Think you're far away to receive a delivery service? We'll ship your GBGB Wear mens underwear of choice wherever you are in the world! YES, we offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Order Now!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Boost up JUNE with These GBGB Wear Balzys!

Flaunt your bulge and be proud! What's the secret to an attractive crotch area? A little boost, a little help of course! GBGB Wear mens underwear has a collection of "BALZYs" to help boost up that crotch area because good boys and bad boys like it BIG! Check out our collection here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Balls strap

These sexy BALZY mens underwear from GBGB Wear will sure push up your game a notch higher... and that bulge will let you in THE GAME for sure! Sexy and still comfortable! That's what GBGB Wear mens underwear is all about. Click the link below to see the collection.