Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seeing Thru Those Sexy Boxers: GBGB Wear "Marius" Demi Boxer

Imagine the support of a boxer cut brief but with a little poke of "naughty". Presenting the GBGB Wear "Marius" Demi Boxer that gives the man the right kind of support while giving that sense of freedom on your crotch area. See the full details of the GBGB Wear Marius Demi Boxer...

GBGB Wear Marius Demi Boxers

Uniquely designed like any GBGB Wear underwear, the GBGB Wear Marius Demi Boxer takes on a new style of the boxer cut underwear that has a see-thru pouch. Made from 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra.

Boxer Cut Weekend: GBGB Wear "Camaro" Boxer Brief

GBGB Wear knows how to take a simple boxer cut brief into something stylish and good enough to be worn alone... without anything else! We just love our men as confident as they are. The GBGB Wear "Camaro" Boxer Brief may look like your typical boxer cut brief but what makes it unique is its front stripe design. Which color do you fancy? See the full details of the GBGB Wear Camaro Boxer Brief here...


Other wise called as "muscle underwear", the GBGB Wear Camaro boxer brief is sporty and sexy at the same time. Made from  imported materials and styled uniquely by GBGB Wear.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Precious in Silver Christian Power Wears the GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini

Nothing pleases our eyes more than seeing hunks wear tiny piece of clothing "down there" and the bikini cut never fails to give us what we crave for. In line of our love for the bikini cut, we have powerhouse pornstar Christian Power in the provocative GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini in silver. See the full details of the GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini here...

GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini Christian Power

GBGB Wear releases the GBGB Helmut Bikini that will surely make our muscle boys and confident men more sexy as they strip down. Available in silver and in gold, the GBGB Wear Helmut Bikini is on a limited stock so better get one now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Buckle It In & Buckle It Off: GBGB Wear "Jeff" Bikini

This underwear style shows your provocative style in a very interesting way. Aside from the fact that you can take it on and off like a regular underwear, the lock and buckles on the side also adds to a titillating experience. See the full details of the GBGB Wear "Jeff" Bikini here...

GBGB Wear Jeff Bikini Olive

The GBGB Wear "Jeff" Bikini is made from quality materials that exudes durability, comfort and style. NOW IN STOCK and is available in Black, Olive, Red, White and Camouflage designs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be the Eye-Candy of the Workout Floor with the GBGB Wear "Julian" Shorts

GBGB Wear isn't just about underwear... we also have items that will help you become an eye-catcher in the gym! For guys with active lifestyle, here's something to add to your workout wear. And you might just take home a hottie by simply wearing a pair! See the full details of the GBGB Wear Julian Shorts here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Julian Shorts Athletics

GBGB Wear "Julian" Shorts is of the right length and made from shiny colorful fabric with a nice contrasted color pipping. You're no plain hottie so we carefully matched the right colors that will make you the candy of the gym floor in a snap! Made from 100% Polyester and is available in Orange, Red, Blue and Yellow.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

GBGB Wear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap

It's a new month! Time to refresh your closets with some new underwear! Jockstrap Check! When was the last time you bought a new jockstrap that you can wear to the gym? Perhaps it's about time for a good change... Yes? See the full details of the GBGB Wear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap

The GBGB Wear Jock Tummy Neoprene Jockstrap underwear is the perfect gear for you! It's a dual-purpose jockstrap that supports your groin and helps trim down your tummy while you sweat it out at the gym.