Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Your Sexy with a Boxer Brief Undie

An addition to the line up of underwear styles is the boxer cut briefs or simple boxer briefs. So you have your hipster briefs, thongs, jockstraps... the boxer briefs is probably for the conservative. However, does this type of underwear let your sexy fade? Read full article here...

GBGB Wear Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear Blog

Studying how a boxer brief fits an individual, it is more like a shrunken shorts so that you don't have too much leg exposure. If you want to be sexy, can you still be that of a sexy person when you wear small tight shorts or short structured briefs?

Friday, October 10, 2014

CommanDO or CommanDON'T: Basic Disadvantages of Not Wearing Underwear

There's always a right time to dangle your goods freely, and I am a firm practitioner of such every now and then. But to go "commando" or not wearing underwear has its downside too. Just to be clear, we ain't making this blog entry just because we are an underwear brand. We also support the health of our fellow hung men who find it easier to not wear undies than wearing one. Read full article...

GBGB Wear Blog Disadvantage of not wearing underwear

There have been studies, believe it or not, regarding the disadvantages of not wearing underwear. If you are a guy like me, obviously, you wouldn't need science to know when going commando is doing you wrong. We've learned a few facts and basics that will somehow enlighten you, not really to stop you from not wearing underwear.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants

Everyone needs that certain type of pants that lets you lounge and "dangle" your goods comfortably. We won't take it against you... in fact, we're giving it to you! The GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants is a cool and comfortable lounge wear with a sheer material for that slight "show". Just imagine when it gets wet... just saying and giving you ideas! ;) Click here to order your GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants via AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear Sheer Loung Pants White GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Sheer Loung Pants White
GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants in White (Available in AMAZON.COM)

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants (White)
Product Information: 
- Form-fitting poly stretch fabric
- Center seamed pouch
- Smooth exposed waistband with center logo patch
- Low rise, falls below the natural waistline
Available Color: White and Black

The GBGB Wear Rex Sheer Lounge Pants is Available Now at AMAZON.COM!
Time for you to wear what he's wearing... ORDER NOW!

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap

Sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts looking for a uniquely structured jockstrap go crazy in this GBGB Wear number: the GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap. You may have this wild fetish about jockstraps... better get this one in your collection now! Click here to order the GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap on AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap Mens Underwear
Alexander is wearing the GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap (available at

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap
Product Information:
- Durable synthetic rubber construction
- Sporty contrast trim
- Belted waist with front zipper
- Low rise, falls below the natural waistline
Available Color: Royal Blue

The GBGB Wear Jock Adan Neoprene Jockstrap is Available at AMAZON.COM!
Get to wear what he's wearing and Order NOW! :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

GBGB Wear Model Spotlight: Marko Lebeau

GBGB Wear Men's Underwear has been known to deliver the best sexy underwear from intimates to active wear for men worldwide and continues to serve millions all over the world! With a prestigious profile in the underwear industry, of course, GBGB Wear needs to be represented well, and who better to do it than our international stars! Today we put the spotlight on one of GBGB Wear Men's Underwear famous models, Marko LeBeau. More revealing photos of Marko LeBeau here...

Marko Lebeau GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Marko Lebeau GBGB Wear

Marko Lebeau is perhaps one of the most charming versatile bisexuals in the porn industry today. From straight to gay porn, he perfectly represents the essence of a Good Boy Gone Bad (GBGB) model. He stands 5'6" with brown hair and stunning blue eyes that is sure hard to miss.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Of Men and Mesh: How Much Exposure is "Too Much"

All men have that feminine side deep within them that doesn't necessarily show physically. Most of these traits can be seen on their taste, perhaps, more appropriately for this blog... their taste in underwear. Today we share our views on Men who love Mesh. Nothing wrong with it actually... Men and Mesh are a great combination, like a match made in heaven. What is it about mesh underwear that makes it interesting and how much exposure is "too much"? Read full article here...

GBGB Wear Mens Underwear Ivan Lenko Luke Net Thong
Pornstar Ivan Lenko wears the GBGB Wear Luke Net Thong Underwear (Available on
Imagine muscle boys you see in the gym doing hardcore workout with their groans and moans while power lifting. Often you dream about seeing them naked, and perhaps seeing them in the locker room wearing a mesh or see-through underwear is the next best thing. Read on as we discuss the beauty of the mesh underwear.