Monday, November 17, 2014

GBGB Wear Model Spotlight: Christian Power

GBGB Wear Men's Underwear knows the best style of underwear for your taste and who better model them to motivate you than the hottest stars in the international scene! Today, we give you a muscle power house that somewhat resembles a Greek god. Feel the sexiness and power of GBGB Wear model, Christian Power! More sizzling hot photos of Christian Power here...

GBGB Wear Christian Power Armpits Muscle Men GBGB Wear Christian Power Marko Lebeau Mens Underwear

Christian Power is one heck of a colossus. He stands 6' in height and weighs 265 lbs. This hunky bodybuilder is matched by an irresistible charm, making him a desirable "gentle-giant" that everyone wants to have. Even with his friendly nature, this isn't a guy you would want to rub the wrong way. Christian Power knows how to take over and submit... and he shows it well having decided to take the plunge to do gay porn.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wear What He's Wearing: GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief

A simple way to unleash your naughty side is when you pull down your pants and give out a nice tease with the underwear you are wearing. The GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief is all about that; because suspense are best kept as a surprise. Click here to get the GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief via AMAZON.COM...

GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief Sample Mens Underwear GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief
GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief (Available at

Aside from its voyeuristic feature, the mesh material of the GBGB Wear Luke Net Brief has a sporty feel to it, with a nice contour pouch that supports any "package" size. It also has a sexier fit than your regular underwear as it has a low-rise measure that falls well below the waistline.

The GBGB Wear "Luke" Net Brief is AVAILABLE NOW at AMAZON.COM!
Time for you to wear what he's wearing... ORDER NOW!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

GBGB Wear Officially Launches in Manila, Philippines!

With the name well-known in the international underwear, swimwear and clothing scene, Good Boys Gone Bad (GBGB) Wear touches down to the island of the Philippines. It's definitely about time to give the good boys of Asia a sexy awakening! In line with the launch of GBGB Wear, they have tied up with the country's leading night scene for boys, girls and gays alike: Bed Club Manila! Read full article here...

Bed Club Manila's ZomBEDings Halloween Ball (last Oct. 31, 2014) 

What better way to fit in with the festivities than tying up with their Halloween Ball. Everyone all dressed up and dressed down in their fierce ways to party the night away! It was a packed party full of spook-tacular highlights.