Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GBGB Wear "Steve" Jocks Released with a Sporty Vibe!

Your taste for leather and drive for an active lifestyle is mashed up altogether in this new jockstrap underwear design from GBGB Wear! Now on sale at the website, the GBGB Wear "Steve" Jock underwear boasts a wild leather fetish vibe with a perfect dash of a sporty jockstrap style. Nobody has gone a notch higher in jockstrap underwear designs better than GBGB Wear. Click here to order the GBGB Wear Steve Jock underwear...

GBGB Wear Steve Jock Mens Underwear Samuel Stone

The GBGB Wear Steve Jockstrap underwear makes its role in the underwear market as a jockbrief with pleather material, combined with a special elastic material manufactured exclusively and made by GBGB for maximum comfort and support. Made from 70% Polyester, 15% Rubber and 15% Cotton.

GBGB Wear Steve Jock Mens Underwear Brandon Jones Samuel Stone 2 GBGB Wear Steve Jock Mens Underwear Brandon Jones Samuel Stone 3

GBGB Wear Men's Underwear is a well-known international brand that houses a variety of functional, stylish and sexy jockstraps and jock underwear that suits your needs. They also provide unique underwear, swimwear and accessories that suit the man of today. Visit the GBGB Wear Official Website to learn more about their products.

GBGB Wear is also available in our partner online stores!

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