Friday, January 15, 2016

GBGB for a New You this New Year 2016!

Standing up for your "New Year, New Me" promise? Aim and hit your goal this 2016 with the help of GBGB Wear active fashion in this GBGB City Tank! Feel free to choose your team and represent. Available in Canada (red), Great Britain (royal blue), Australia (green) and Germany (black). Sweat it out without the hassle in this dry-fit style tank top. Click here to order the GBGB Wear City Tank...

GBGB Wear City Tank Canada Red Menswear
GBGB Wear City Tank Canada (red) photo by: Ryx Skyler. Model: Juan Paulo

The GBGB City Tank does not restrict movement so it allows you to wear it for any sport or high endurance activity. Made from 100% Polyester and hugs your body perfectly.

GBGB Wear City Tank Canada Red Menswear GBGB Wear City Tank Australia Green Menswear

GBGB Wear City Tank Germany Black Menswear GBGB Wear City Tank Great Britain Royal Blue Menswear

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